New Year in Religious Formation is Coming . . . Why not think of being part of our Formation team? Religious Formation is a ministry of the entire parish. Each of us has gifts to share with the children and families of our faith community. There are 8760 hours in a year. Could you spare approximately 30 hours to help our young people grow in their faith? We have many wonderful stewards in our program. Will you join our team filled with fun, faith, and friends? If you think God might be calling you to share your faith through our program, please leave a message at the rectory 568-5102. If you are unable to commit to a weekly class, perhaps you and a friend could share the responsibilities; in addition, substitute catechists are always needed. This is one way to experience the program without the long-term commitment. We hope to be hearing from YOU soon!!
We ask God’s blessing on each family as we work together to pass on our faith to the next generation.
We ask that all registrations be returned to St. Eugene Rectory, P.O. Box A, Chepachet, RI 02814. You may also download a registration form from our Parish website.  Please fill out both pages of the form and mail it to the rectory with your payment. Every year, it seems, we remind parents of how important it is for their children to continue in our programs especially after receiving First Eucharist. Year after year children do not return to our program until Grade 6. Because of the policy enacted in recent years, more children are participating in our grades 6-7-8 program on Monday evenings. No one will be allowed to begin Confirmation preparation unless grades 7-8 have been successfully completed here, at another parish, or by attending a Catholic School for these grades. Each year we also remind parents about the importance of bringing their children to weekly Mass. While Sunday morning Religion classes are in session, the 10:15 AM Masses are filled to overflowing, but as soon as classes end, many families disappear. All Religious Education students should be participating in the weekly Eucharist with their families and classmates, especially those who are preparing for First Communion and Confirmation. So many students receive the Sacraments as if they were a graduation exercise. Not so, First Communion and Confirmation should mean that the young person is more committed to his/her faith and is receiving Eucharist regularly.
For all the families that follow necessary directives each year, we are very grateful for your cooperation and support. We are trying to supplement what you, the parents teach by your example in living your faith. You‟ve hear it over and over, but it is worth reiterating again, “Parents are the first and most important teacher their children will ever have”. Faith is not only “taught” but “caught” in the daily life of each family.